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In the case of the latter, it wouldn't have bothered me.

My input was purely financial, cash to various charities.

I have imagined and described intimate details of each of my celebrity selection."Each one of these lovely ladies have attributes you admire and have stated, so they are matched in some way, is that OK?" I nodded, thinking come on for fucks sake, my Cessna is waiting at London City airport to whisk me to Ireland on business.Had a mild stroke two years back and I seem to be firing on all cylinders but of course my money has bought the best possible treatment wherever it is. I hadn't been party to how my details were asked but all three of these certainly had one of my major attributes and it was possible I would see another with this reveal, knowing they'd have to rotate and display their bums.It would have been priceless when they each received the offer and details, to see faces and reactions.

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