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Entry Requirements: Any French or English bulldog is eligible to enter the race. Come sign the petition and take a photo of you and your pup at the Body Shop selfie wall to show your support for the cause and share with your friends to get FREE SWAGThe Body Shop's mission is to stand against animal testing, support community fair trade partnerships and ethical trade, activate self esteem and protect the planet. Established in 2012, their products are distributed worldwide exclusively at

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We are Calling all Dogs to come to our booth and give our food the ultimate taste test! Each formula is crafted to retain the most nutrients, enzymes, and minerals.Urban Well is all about the food, the drink and the groove.Their innovative menu which capitalizes on local ingredients is complimented by a carefully selected wine list that compares favourably with much more expensive establishments.Whatever the occasion, Milestones has food created for all of your life’s milestones. 4th Ave., Vancouver, V6K 1R2 Rockford is a stylish new casual dining experience, dedicated to those looking for unique and delicious menu choices, good value, and great service.At Rockford, you'll find the best of all possible worlds.

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