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They do not have to wait for someone to come to repair a machine or reprogram it; these services are now built into a company's strategic staffing plans.The implication of the changes in technology and management for job growth within the field of manufacturing is clear. Without the management innovations and technology advancements that have been adopted by U. corporations even more jobs would have been lost to low wage countries.Gone to less developed, low wage economies are the labor intensive and low value added manufacturing positions that once accounted for In their earlier book, Built to Change, a title that read more like a ‘me too’ product, Lawler and Worley had already challenged conventional thinking around organizational agility and response to change.Designs for organizational excellence in the past meant that a goal for change was constant relative to the time in which change could be accomplished.The right, on the other hand, blames organized labor and a draconian tax code for preventing America from competing on an even playing field. A recent eye-opening article in the examines Apple, one of our nation's great corporate icons, and discusses why the company had no choice but to produce their best-selling gadgets overseas.What I found most interesting about the article was that, according to Apple executives and other experts briefed on the matter, neither one of those political arguments carries much weight.Machinery and computers have replaced people throughout most modern facilities.

Skilled workers are supposed to be America's strength, while the common explanation is that our lack of workers and uncompetitive wages are the real problem.

There are two reasons why General Motors, Ford and many others have significantly reduced labor costs.

One, perhaps the most obvious, is the advancement of new technologies.

E' una piccola notizia di qualche mese fa, ma sempre purtroppo attuale.

La scoperta è di un deputato dell'Ohio, Betty Sutton, il cui ufficio studi ha esplorato i database pubblici.

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