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Pakistan is a potential hub of trans-regional trade and commerce, and scientific and technological linkages.

its over 1,000 kilometers of coastline has many suitable sites for developing the most modern ports like dubai gawadar is one of them linking many continents, in short Pakistan is a gift of Allah swt a piece of paradise if we Pakistani take care of it and bring honest rulers to serve Pakistan and its people..

Faith, Unity & Discipline: Our intellectuals have wasted time debating whether Baba e Qaum Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular country or an Islamic one and he was shia or sunni In reality seperation from hindus was clearly mean seprate islamic state for muslims if someone have little common sense and also Baba e Qaum was only a muslim he offerd prayers uncounted times in mosques in big grounds with other muslims but not in imambarghas that is a slap of truth on faces of sharpasand shaytaans who called him shia to create a hate in between pakistanis, and such a meaningless debate and the behaviour that ensues from such endeavours at individual as well as National level has paved the way for our identity confusion and a crisis of faith, unity and discipline leading to what can be conceptualized as a split personality of this State..

The time has come that we leave such stupid debates behind and ignore tele bhaunik bakwaas of sick bhagauras and start focusing on developing a clearer understanding of the relationship between the vision-statement envisaged in the name of our beloved country “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, the motto of its founder “Faith, Unity & Discipline” and the song of the people who sacrificed for it to come into existe..

over 15 to 25 million hectars needs attention and water to convert into agriculture land.

Pakistan has rich soils, favorable agro-climatic conditions, one of the most extensive irrigation systems in the world, and a hard-working farming community, Pakistan also has a large population of cattle, buffalo, goats and sheep, camel, and poultry and it also ranks among the highest producers of meat, milk, and animal products.

the “Faith” of “Islam” with a view to nurture “Unity” of the Muslims through the “Discipline” of “Democracy” to establish a land of the pure “Pakistan” a country that will be a model Islamic State or in other words a true modern replica of the first Islamic State founded after Muslim’s migration to Medina a cultivating ground of Muslim brotherhood and love and a sanctuary of Peace for all irrespective of their colour, language or religion..

Let us contemplate what would have made that possible, why have we been unsuccessful in doing so, so far and what can put us on a path that will materialize the very purpose of the creation of this beloved country of ours Insha Allah “There is no God but Allah” is the statement that defines the first Pillar of Islam i.e.

Belief in the fact that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of all creatures, our existence on Earth is for a temporary period and is a constant test, there is coming a Day when we all will be accountable for each and everything that we did and when the Most Conclusive Judge will determine our eternal abode.

What all of us as Pakistanis are witnessing day in day out are the various symptoms of a cancer that has spread in each and every walk of life in this beloved country of ours.

Isn’t it amazing that dozens of intelligent and energetic journalists on a plethora of channels are frantically running around in their futile attempts to capture and understand what is going on and why all of this is happening in the length and breadth of this country?

aur suno Pakistan ka aeen na to Quran hai na Hadees essko sab se pehlay to ayyn Quran O Sunnah aur Hadood Allah ke mutabiq bnaao badlo sab wo kanoon jo Quran O Sunnah ke khilaf hain mutsadim hain ya esskay mutabiq nahin hain ye koi Aasmaani saheefa Quran O Sunnah nahin Hadees e mubarqa nahi jissko badla nahin ja sakta samjhay akal ke andho ye payghaam sirf GEO ARY SAMAA DUNYA AAJ EXPRESS DAWN PTV GLOBAL etc etc ke liay he nahin ye sab ke sab Pakistani tv channels ke liay hai samjhay nahin samjhay samjh jaao to acha hai OK!!

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya :: لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله ISLAMIC REBUBLIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN Pakistan means the "The Land Of The Pure" first muslim nuclear power as well as first muslim nation now have combat drone tech too, second largest muslim nation of the world, According to surveys, Pakistan has the second largest salt mine, second largest coal reservoirs, fifth largest gold mines, seventh largest copper mines, 11th largest wheat producer, 12th largest rice producer and seventh country of the world with nuclear power, Pakistan is also blessed with vast land, natural gas reserves, petroleum, iron ore, copper, limestone and much more experts believe that Pakistan is blessed with mines of precious stones and rare earth elements the elements which are even more precious than gold and and growing demand than gold, are used in latest high-tech equipment and long life batteries in most of the costly high-tech stuff and electric cars etc.

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