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Meanwhile, 2013 Northwestern University research shows that the quality of your sleep can make or break your workout.Grab a meal with a chiseled guy and one thing will always be true: He has protein on his plate.

When they only slept 5.5 hours per night, however, their fat loss dropped by 55%—even though they didn’t eat any extra calories.

Also, you may want to avoid showing your abs as your main profile picture.

And consider your audience: older women may not respond as positively to your shirtless photos as their younger peers.

No disrespect to crunches and legs throws, but men who have successfully built and defined their abs know that, in the end, the core’s job extends beyond the abs mat, says Grant Weeditz, C. “The clean and jerk and snatch are the two most common barbell lifts falling into that category,” he says. That’s why a 2015 meta-analysis of 47 previous studies found that spending a lot of time sitting blunts any benefits you’ll get from hitting the gym.

Even though consistency’s vital to strengthening your core muscles and reducing any fat that’s hiding your abs, that doesn’t mean you have to crank out thousands of crunches every day. Here are seven totally doable things guys who have successfully achieved six-packs do every day of the week. The most chiseled out there do explosive compound lifts like those seen throughout the Cross Fit and Olympic lifting world,” Weeditz says. Your body isn’t meant to be completely sedentary, and even sitting for an hour at a time can contribute to tightness, poor blood and nutrient transport to your muscles, and a sluggish metabolism.

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